Life is full of twists and turns. Some we can see coming and others blindside us. Either way, it is important to have a good support system during difficult times in order to more easily navigate the difficulties and emerge triumphantly and emotionally intact.

Difficulties and challenges are simply a part of life. They can range from seemingly small and not that big of a deal to full blown crisis. No matter where they appear to fall on the scale, each is an important part of our lives and mental or emotional terrain. How we manage and integrate each experience affects the way the next phase of our lives will unfold.

Sometimes, all we need is a different perspective on our situation. Sometimes we need help with strategy for next steps. Sometimes we need an impartial 3rd party to truly hear us and understand the toll a situation is taking. Solutions For Life can be a strong ally during times of difficulty or crisis.

From coaching and emotional support to holistic healing, Solutions For Life offers a comprehensive menu of options.

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Sometimes we know what we should be doing but just can’t seem to get things in gear. We push but can’t see to get anywhere. It feels as though something is holding us back. We want to move forward, but it seems we just can’t make the changes we know we need to make. We need help getting out of our own way.



It’s easy to get in a rut — doing the same things day after day. With the daily grind, it’s easy to fall into patterns that seem to steal our joy and our zest for life. Remember when we resisted naps and wanted to stay up all night, then bounced out of bed as the sun came up? Wouldn’t it be great to feel the enthusiasm and exuberance we had back then? As we grew up, many of us became jaded, or even cynical, about those who enjoy living. We have numbed our pain through our various addictions. We have resigned ourselves to live vicariously through others through various media. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can reconnect to that part of ourselves that got lost along the way of life. We can return to joy and still be responsible adults.



Crisis comes in all forms: job loss, learning of a partner’s infidelity, teen pregnancy, conflict with the law, medical diagnosis, workplace harassment, coping with a loved ones “coming out,” and more.  When in crisis, our body and brain shift us into fight-or-flight mode, and we have less access to the logical, thinking part of our brain. This is the body’s natural survival response. While this serves us, during crisis, we can get locked into the survival mode which can interfere with sound decision-making. Solutions For Life can be a sort of “external brain” to help keep you centered and better able to maintain some sense of normalcy in your home and avoid becoming lost in the crisis. Being outside the situation, the unbiased perspective we offer can prevent rash decisions made from a position of panic and volatile emotions.